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5kg Paint Bucket

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    Category: Paint Bucket

    Height of the container: 179mm
    Top Dia of the container: 189mm
    Bottom Dia of the container: 164mm
    Lead Weight: 80 gm
    Container Weight: 166 gm
    MS Handle Weight: 19 gm
    Total weight of the container: 265 gm
    Material: PPCP

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        This kind of bucket and pail can be used for dry or liquid products and is ideal for food and additives, coatings, paint, feedstuff, detergent, lubricating oil, waterproof building materials, ink and agricultural fertilizer, which meet the demands of customized productions.

        High strength and Durable
        Elegant and Robust design
        Dimensional accuracy
        Long service life
        Application: Paints, Oil, Chemical, Grees, Poweder and many more.
        Labels or print can be customized as per customers requirements


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