Toilet Cleaner Plastic Bottle

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    Category: HDPE Containers

    Design Type: Customized
    Flexibility: Soft, Hard
    Food Grade: Yes
    Freezer Safe: Yes
    Cap Type: Round and many shapes
    Packing Type: Box
    Cap Color: White, Green, Red
    Is It Leak Proof: Leak Proof
    Material: Plastic

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        We offer premium quality Toilet Cleaner HDPE Containers. These are formulated to clean the toilet bowl while ensuring killing germs present in it. Harpic is easy to use toilet cleaner that removes soiling and limescale from porcelain and enamel surfaces. It is free from any enzymes and other petroleum based ingredients.

        High quality
        Reasonable rates

        Color: yellow
        Industrial Use: Chemical
        Sealing Type: Dropper
        Material: Plastic
        Plastic Type: HDPE


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